Expert Plumbers and Gas fitters: Why choose Accolade?


1. Experts who aim for Quality not quantity: We build relationships
We at Accolade Plumbing and Heating are not just your regular plumbers. We don’t strive to reach 10,000 customers. Our goal is plumbing quality not the quantity of customers or appointments we can make. Everyday, our experts strive to satisfy customers and build relationships. Only through the strength of a relationship we can truly understand the needs of our customers and satisfy them more efficiently and effectively.

Accolade knows this and works towards this principle each and every day.

2. Experts who emphasize honesty: We build trust
We are upfront and honest with our customers; we don’t promise our customers that there will never be a warranty issue; what we do promise is high quality work and our dedication to making things right should our customers experience an issue. We promise to answer all customer calls, and ensure any issues are resolved in a timely fashion, putting customer satisfaction in the forefront.

3. Experts who give you your money’s worth: We build value
Our expert plumbers ensure that our customers get their money’ worth each and every time. This is how we understand value and we believe that value is the key to serving our customers better. Our rates are highly competitive.